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The below group of people are generally considered experts in their field and are held in very high regard by their peers. They are the thought leaders in bitcoin and blockchain and have helped shape the community into what it is today. We recommend reading and viewing as much of their material as possible to help to get an understanding of this complex subject. 

Andreas Antonopolous

Iconic blockchain guru on a crusade to educate the world about bitcoin, encompassing the social, technical and economic implications

Twitter: @aantonop

Youtube: @aantonop

Patreon: @aantonop

Jimmy Song

Experienced developer and technical expert contributing to this complex subject in a clear and concise manner

Twitter: @jimmysong

Medium: @jimmysong

Youtube: @WorldCryptoNetwork

Gavin Andresen

Took over from Satoshi as the lead developer of Bitcoin Core in 2011. Founded Bitcoin Foundation in 2012 and now devoted full time to this cause

Eric Lombrozo

Bitcoin core developer and contributor, cryptocurrency entrepreneur

Twitter: @eric_lombrozo

LinkedIn: @ericlombrozo

Medium: @elombrozo

Adam Back

British cryptographer and original cypherpunk. Inventor of hashcash. CEO of Blockstream

Twitter: @adam3us

LinkedIn: @adam-back-043342


Nick Szabo

American computer scientist and cryptographer, coined the term "smart contract" with an aim to combine cryptography, contract law and e-commerce. Core Dev.

Vitalik Buterin

Lifetime coder and founder of hugely successful blockchain startup Ethereum at the age of 19. Boy genius.

Charlie Shrem

One of the original Bitcoin entrepreneurs starting the hugely successful but ultimately doomed BitInstant, founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and now working for Jaxx

Erik Voorhees

Serial entrepreneur now running Started Coinapult and Satoshi Dice and was Director of Marketing at BitInstant with Charlie Shrem. Outspoken opponent of the current financial system whilst paving the way for Bitcoin's acceptance

Twitter: @ErikVoorhees

LinkedIn: @erikvoorhees

Charlie Lee

Creator of Litecoin. Ex- Software Engineer at Google and Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Active contributor to the Bitcoin community

Twitter: @SatoshiLite

LinkedIn: @chocobo

Jameson Lopp

Software engineer at BitGo, Bitcoin Core contributor, regular contributor of articles to CoinDesk magazine

Twitter: @lopp

LinkedIn: @jamesonlopp

Github: jlopp

Medium: @lopp


Tuur Demeester

Investor and writer with a background in Austrian Economics. Bitcoin analyst

Tone Vays

Bitcoin maximalist and knowledgeable expert trader with in-depth market analysis of bitcoin