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Founded in 2014 and formerly known as Antshares, NEO is the first open-source blockchain platform developed in China. Commonly referred to as "China's Ethereum", NEO aims to provide a solid platform for other blockchain projects to be built on. In a bid to offer the "complete package" in smart contracts, NEO provides support for decentralized commerce, digital identities and the digitization of assets where exchange of value, ownership and economic activities are provided in a trustless environment. Interest in NEO since the rebranding in mid-2017 has grown exponentially with the price increasing from less than $1 USD earlier this year to an all time high in August of $55 USD. We see NEO as a very strong company with "long term hodl potential". They are truly open-source with the whitepaper and all github documentation freely available, a strong development team and roadmap plus a very active social media division with constant market updates regarding new partnerships. See the full Neo price and volume chart below.

Neo Price and Volume Chart

The chart below is interactive. You can select the date range you want to view by clicking and dragging on the chart or moving the slider across at the bottom. You can also select the currency you want to display the price in and the specific exchange you want to view prices for.