Crypto Network NZ

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Other References

Kiwi Crypto Sites

Trusted Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple trading site

Full blown crypto exchange and trading site run out of New Zealand. Also provides a great mining platform for all levels of miner

Reference Sites

Fully featured website giving up-to-date market capitalisation statistics on all digital coins, with useful links to each project's website and social media feeds

Website that enables you to set up your own dashboard of cryptocurrency values that you are interested/involved in to track their value

Multifunctional website/app that acts as a great interface to cryptocurrency, combining a wallet and portfolio tracker in one. Merchants and retailers take special note as they also offer payment gateways for cryptocurrency right at the point of sale!

Digital Wallets

Top rated multi-coin hot wallet that gives you control of your private keys and is available on both mobile and pc 

Highly recommended cold storage wallet for long term and highly secure storage of your bitcoins. Also supports Ethereum (and all ERC-20 tokens), Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin and Dash

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Highly recommended starting point for buying and selling bitcoin. Facilitation of peer to peer trades with people that live in the same country using localbitcoins to hold bitcoins in escrow

Medium sized cryptocurrency exchange which is usually one of the first to list any new cryptocurrencies for trading

Technical References

A web-based version control repository used mainly for code which stores all of the open source code for bitcoin and many other crypto projects

Open source project that maintains and releases bitcoin client software for the original version of bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto.