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Reference Sites

Following is a list of some great reference sites which will give you information about specific areas of cryptocurrency

Very detailed reference site listing ALL of the cryptocurrencies currently in circulation. Information includes market capitalisations, price, circulating supply and volume traded. On this website you can also find out which markets each crypto is traded on, check out trending coins, and find links to the website and block explorer for each coin.

Informative website showing a host of statistical data about the bitcoin blockchain.

Mining - hashrate, hashrate distribution, block difficulty, mining revenue, transaction fees

Block details - average blocksize, transactions per block, confirmation times, Segwit support

Network activity - mempool size, unspent transactions, transactions per day

Well presented website which shows live bitcoin blockchain information as it happens. Comprehensive information about each block which includes block height, miner details, no. of transactions, value of block, mempool size,time mined